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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Modeling in India: Then and now - Indian Models Club

Compared to today, if we rewind the time and look what modeling prospects existed in India a decade or two ago, then we wouldn't be able to find much information about it nor much jobs. However, now modeling in India has picked up pace and has been opted as a proper career option by many people. There are several names in the industry that gave up their academics and degrees just to pursue their passion for modeling and became renowned models. It is due to these models and actors that the youth of our country is accepting modeling as a trusted profession.

Prior stepping into 21st century, modeling and acting was not considered as a safe career option. It was the least opted and a rare profession that was somehow still very much glamorous and looked after. Actresses such as Zeenat Amaan and Praveen Bobbi were models before they came into acting domain. It must have been difficult for them to not only pursue their passion but also get success in it during a phase, when modeling had a bad reputation. The stigma somehow still exists with the surfacing of news casting couch and other scandals in the past few years.

However, despite all the odds, there is so much positive in the modeling industry to look for. The youth of India has become much more aware about the positivity and the plus factors of being a model. Not only is it one of the most glamorous jobs in the country, but it is an actual portal to other unlimited opportunities. With so many good things to consider about, there is no space for stressing on negative parts which exist in the past now. Moreover, agencies such as Indian Models Club have made modeling an easy and approachable career option for many and are on the track to make it much more accessible by all.

Modeling in India has evolved with time and it still continues to do so. There aren't the old troubles anymore such as lack of information, resources, or the ability to groom one self. With today’s youth much more aware about themselves, everything has become much easier when it comes to modeling. Be it looks, health, fashion sense or communication skills, the young people of India are already prepared for embracing modeling as a profession.

As compared to old days, now there isn't a dearth of reliable platforms which can act as a Launchpad for a great modeling career. The youth today now recognizes the importance of their looks first and understand how important it is to get in touch with a modeling agency or an agent, if they want to opt modeling as a serious profession. They are even aware about the perks of being in this profession. For example, Bollywood isn't too far from fashion and modeling industry. With many former super models working excellently in the industry, the chances are just too much.

India has changed with time and people have accepted modeling as a serious profession now.

Monday, 22 June 2015

How to get your kid on TV

Many parents wonder about enrolling their children into modeling and TV industry. Luckily, India has plenty of platforms for child modeling which not only encourages the young talented artists to exhibit their artistic skills, but also choose it as a profession. The best thing about this profession for youngsters is that they do not necessarily require any prior experience. Due to this factor, they can, according to their features and attributes, apply to various child modeling jobs.

Usually, there are all kinds of assignments for children as well. It can be print, ramp, advertisements, Television or even films. Fortunately, many casting directors and agents specifically look for children who can represent a normal next-door kid. In this case, your child can easily get exposed to television industry if they fall under the commercial suitability.

For childmodeling prospects, the parents need to do a bit of legwork. A modeling agency would be an ideal solution if they want to focus on getting professional guidance in this case. Of course there are certain guidelines and criteria that need to be met. Whether your little one is a baby, toddler, child or a teen, you can easily follow the given steps to ensure that your child gets opportunities in modelling world:
  • Child should be comfortable working with any number of people, especially because there would be lot of strangers.
  • Child should possess confidence and should not shy away from demonstrating the talent as per the requirement.
  • Child should also be happy and disciplined. A negligent child with ignorant attitude would never be able to fit in.
  • Child should also be able to portray wide personalities as per the demand of character or the looks.
  • Moreover, he/she should enjoy being in front of the camera and should also be able to take in the directions. 

Kids modeling is a great way to enhance your child’s talent and also save a good amount for its future. Having a modeling agency in India as your partner can help you represent your child in modelling, fashion and television industry. The agency is your safest way to get your kid on TV.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Is modeling fair to your child in Delhi

Do you adore your child so much that you think that he or she might stand a chance in child modeling? If yes, then there are a lot of things that you need to consider beforehand you introduce your child to this industry.

First of all, you need to understand that modelling is a profession, and your child will have to get used to the environment. Hence, you have to assure that your child is ready for a change in his/hers schedule. This is because the modelling environment can be quite adult and professional for children to understand. Therefore, your role in adjusting your child to an environment with changing timescales and pressure can be huge.

Initially, you need to recognize your child's inherent modelling talent. If he or she enjoys modelling and posing, then there's a greater chance of them adjusting in the environment. Also, you need to see that your child is not forced to do kids modeling, whether by you or by agents. Try to maintain the balance at all points.

Modeling to your child should be sheer fun and enjoyment time. This is because most of the modelling agents and casting directors often look for models (even child models), who are happy and exhibit great confidence. If your child is shy or doesn't enjoy posing, especially in front of other people, then you shouldn't force your child. Instead, you can encourage them and boost their confidence, so that they shed off their inhibitions.

The most important aspect you need to pay attention to is your child's study. Whether your child does part time modelling or seasonal, you need to see whether this additional activity hampers his/her studies. Education, at no point should be compromised. You can home-school your kid if he or she is quite a famous child model.

Also, you must make it a habit to encourage and appreciate your child. This can be through rewards from time to time such as trips, or local sight seeing. As much as appreciating your child's hard work matters, you need to see that you are not over pampering or setting bad examples. The reward phase should be limited, as you don't want your child to get an idea that getting bribe or paid is the only way they need to obey you.

Last but not the least, whatever money your child makes through child modeling should be saved for his future. It could be college money or security fund, anyway you want to invest the amount for your child. Also, make sure that your child knows that his/her modelling activities are going to help secure his future.

Finally, it all comes down to your child whether he/she loves doing it, and understands the importance of studies as well as the talent. Also, don't forget to consider your situations, as they play a major role in deciding what's good for the future of your child. You can register on our portal to be a Child Model In Delhi.:-